Artist's Conception of Gravitational Waves GWIC: Gravitational Wave International Committee

GWIC Roadmap for the Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

The GWIC Roadmap for the Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy is divided into two parts, an Executive Summary that summarizes the major considerations and highlights, and the body of the report which gives the full details behind these top-level items.

Link for the Roadmap Document (PDF, 8.6MB)


At its 2007 meeting, GWIC appointed a small subcommittee (chaired by Jay Marx) to prepare a roadmap for the future of gravitational wave detection and astrophysics. The goal is to lay out a path for the next thirty years, beginning with the most important scientific objectives, identifying the technology challenges which must be met, and showing the different efforts world-wide support these objectives. The goal is to have a vision for the future that the gravitational wave community can support and advocate, and which can be used to inform fellow scientists and funding agencies throughout the world.

GWIC subcommittee---Global Roadmap for the field of gravitational wave science