Artist's Conception of Gravitational Waves GWIC: Gravitational Wave International Committee

Reports to IUPAP

GWIC derives its standing in the international community from its relationship to the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics IUPAP). In 2011, GWIC was appointed as a Working Group (WG.11) of IUPAP and since that date reports directly to the IUPAP council.

Each year, GWIC provides a short report of its activities to the IUPAP Council. An archive of these reports is given below.

Reports to IUPAP

Reports to PaNAGIC (1999-2011)

Before becoming a Working Group of IUPAP, GWIC was associated with IUPAP Working Group WG.4, the Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics and Gravitation International Committee (PaNAGIC) as a subpanel of PaNAGIC. In this capacity, GWIC reported annually to IUPAP through PaNAGIC. Copies of the reports submitted by GWIC to PanAGIC can be found HERE.