Gravitational Wave International Commitee


Planning for a 3rd Generation Ground-based Gravitational-wave Observatory Network

Upcoming Meetings

The ground-based gravitational wave community meets regularly at scientific conferences, workshops, and collaboration meetings to discuss topics related to planning for a 3rd generation gravitational-wave observatory network. Upcoming meetings are listed below. Relevant meetings and conferences will be added to this list on a periodic basis.

If you know of a relevant meeting that should be added to the list, please contact the webmaster, and include the meeting name, venue, and website in your e-mail.

LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting
Maastricht University, Netherlands

Past Meetings

Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop
Girdwood, Alaska, USA
Einstein Telescope Symposium
European Gravitational-Wave Observatory (EGO), Cascina, Italy
LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting
Sonoma State University, USA

Einstein Telescope Design Study Workshop
University of Glasgow, Scotland
LIGO-Virgo Collaboration Meeting
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
12th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves
LIGO Caltech
What’s Next for Gravitational Wave Astronomy?
Syracuse, NY, USA