Artist's Conception of Gravitational Waves GWIC: Gravitational Wave International Committee

GWIC Subcommittee on Third Generation Ground-based Detectors

With the recent first detections of gravitational waves by LIGO and Virgo, it is both timely and appropriate to begin seriously planning for a network of future gravitational-wave observatories, capable of extending the reach of detections well beyond that currently achievable with second generation instruments. At its 2016 meeting, GWIC appointed a standing subcommittee (chaired by Jay Marx) to coordinate the activities of the community toward third generation detectors.

GWIC subcommittee---Global Roadmap for the field of gravitational wave science

The membership will include the directors of ground-based GW interferometer detectors and a few senior scientists with experience in launching Big Science projects. The membership can co-opt members and commission studies on specific areas related to the third generation network, as required.


The GWIC Subcommittee on Third Generation Ground-based Detectors is tasked with examining the path to a future network of observatories/facilities, specifically: